Sleigh Ride Edgelits: Halloween!?!

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So, I must admit, even as a demonstrator, I don't purchase a lot of Halloween product.  I find the crafting window, just too short lived for it. My product then sits on a shelf, collects dust for 11+months and retires.  So, instead, I like to buy multiple occasion sets OR... like today, find a creative solution with my other product! I always love finding new uses for my stuff. It's like finding a hidden treasure!

Today's card is a Halloween card made with the new Sleigh Ride Edgelits and as you can tell by it's name... they're Christmas. But when I saw the houses, I knew I could create something Halloween-ish.

When I started my card, I knew I wanted my houses to be black silhouettes in front of a moon, with long dark shadows being casted off...

To accomplish this:
- I cut the same size cardstock of Basic Black and Basic Gray and die cut them at the same time. This makes it so much easier to line up everything.

- I placed my moon where I wanted it in relation to the houses, and found it's center point.

- From there, using the grey cut-out, I drew lines down from the bottom of the houses to the bottom of the cardstock, using the moon's center point as my starting point each time. This is what's known as 1 point perspective drawing and the moon's center is my vanishing point.

- Then I cut my lines and glued the Basic Gray pieces to the Basic Black cut out, omitting where the house shadows were.

I really liked how it turned out. They look like houses, but at first glance, they kind of look like tombstones too, you know... those really old creepy ones. One of the houses on the edgelit, actually has a smoke whisp from it's chimmey, but it just didn't scream Halloween to me... so I cut it off. Halloween to me is either: a creepy, windy night or an eerily dark, silent night... I just don't picture smoke stacks. LOL

Do you like the night sky? I created it using the new Spider Web Doilies! (Now those I needed to have!!! So much potential!). They are black and I layered it onto Basic Black cardstock, with a few random rhinestones.

For my greeting I used my little letter framelits and pieces of the Crazy About You stamp set.

Well, thanks for stopping in and happy creating as always!


  1. I'm like you, I don't buy very much Halloween stuff for the same reason. I do have a couple of customers that LOVE Halloween, so I certainly want to keep them in the loop of good stuff.

    This card is awesome! I love the shadows - what a great idea!

  2. You are so talented! I just love all of your creations! Thanks :)

  3. What a fabulous card Martha! I myself am totally obsessed with all things Halloween (I even got married on Halloween!), so I purchase a good amount of Halloween products every year to feed my obsession. I absolutely love your card, and all your projects for that matter... thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow! Mind-blowing originality! LOVE how you paired all of those supplies together, and the shadows of the houses was a genius idea! TFS!