Okay, so today and tomorrow will be my last Halloween posts. I promise.

Today's card is one that I created for the SCT blog and was actually picked. I know you can see it there, but I always like to give you a little closer look and a little bit more info on it then what is provided there.

My main goal when I started this card was to create a not-so cute halloween card but more of a haunting, spooky card. You know, a card you would probably give to a teen as they're way pass the cutesy stuff.

This task was a little challenging as all the characters in freaky friends are kind of... tame... I mean, even Mr. Skeleton is smiling...

But I think I accomplished it with the repeating of skeletons and the red beady eyes on the one. Who isn't creeped out a little by red beady eyes?

To accomplish this card I definitely needed my stamp-ma-jig and heat gun. Each time I stamped a skeleton, I used my heat gun to dry my ink, so that I could line up my stamp-ma-jig and stamp the next skeleton. I will admit I started this card over a couple of times to get all of my spacing right.

The red beady eyes are pearls that I coloured with my Cherry Cobbler Blendabilites. Love this technique!

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for stopping in and for putting up with my Halloween post. Tomorrow will be the last one, I promise!

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