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Hello! I'm here, I'm here!
I didn't realize my last post was last wednesday... which was almost a week ago... All I did was blink... seriously!

Well, today marks a pretty special day in my household. Today, I got to join the ranks of the lunch making Mama's, but even more special - my son had his first day of school - EVER! That's right, my baby officially started school today.

I'm not sure how it is where you are, but in preparation for him going to school, the school (and a few of my experienced mama's) recommended that I label everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Shoes, clothes, lunch containers, even his underwear! So I did all that... But I got thinking about the teachers and how they probably wouldn't want to look into 30 different bags to figure out who's bag was who's... So I decided I would make some cute little pencil tags to label Greyson's backpack and lunch bag that could easily be seen.

I must apologize for the picture, I usually take pictures with my actual camera, but the laminating didn't turn out 100%, so I skipped the fine details and just snapped the photo's on my phone.

I created my pencil out of bits and pieces of cardstock, no fancy techniques, just cut out shapes and glued. I used the AWESOME Little Letter Thinlits to cut out his name and then wrote his last name by hand with a Basic Black marker. After everything was glued together, I ran them through my laminator. Unfortunately... the laminating didn't turn out that great... either it was to thick, my laminating sheets were too old or my machine just sucks, but either way it didn't shrink or melt it entirely. It sealed it, which was the needed purpose, so I just accepted it as it. They still looked cute.

Greyson had a great day and mommy was strong too ;) Thanks for stopping in! Happy Creating!

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