Blooming Birthday

Hello and welcome back to my last project before the peacock! Haha! I know you're all waiting for the peacock! So am I! It was my FAVOURITE! But we have this last one and then I'll share. I promise!

To be honest with you... this is NOT a favourite project of mine. In fact, I'm not overly thrilled with it. I was asked to designed 8 projects for them to chose 4 or 5 projects from. Well, by the time I got to the last project, I was absolutely, creatively tapped out! I figured my card would do... and they wouldn't choose it anyways... Well, I'm eating my words. Don't get me wrong, It has potential, I just don't think I fully got it there.
For this card, I wanted a design that coordinated with the greeting. So I covered it with "Blooming" flowers. I stamped and die cut my flowers, curled their petals with my bone folder, and stuck them down. Easy peazy. Nothing too difficult with this one.
Happy Creating everyone!

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  1. very nice, but not on the top 5 favs......guess you & I are not convention bound this year; always love the 1st day, but don't do crowds too well; TFS!