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Wow… The week-end already! 

So… did you think I disappeared? I'm so sorry for being MIA this past week but sometimes life just interrupts… well... life! Sometimes it is "good life" that throws us off the norm of everyday… and sometimes, unfortunately, it is "bad life". This past week it was a bit of both for me, making my week a little emotional and exhausting, so of course, something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my personal crafting and blog. I'm sorry!

I know that I don't usually post on the week-end, but I thought I would make an exception, since I haven't posted all week. Today's post is also a little different, as I'm not sharing a creative project. I thought I would share about me…Don't worry… It's not a boring biography of where I was born, etc, but more about my crafting… tips and tricks, organization and maybe some bad habits!

So where do I  begin… ok..

What is my absolute, must always have, tool?
Believe it or not, I am absolutely lost without my paper piercer, or as some call it: pokey doodle. I use it ALL the time, for all sorts of different uses. *Placing pearls & rhinestones. *Applying tiny amounts of adhesive to tiny items. *Poking holes for sewing. *To lift and apply glue dots… I could go on!
What is the one thing I tell every stamper they should own?
A STAMP-A-MA-JIG! Seriously! Do you know, how much paper I wasted before finding out about this handy tool? I guess, it's not as much of a necessity now, with the clear blocks and stamps, but back in the day (LOL) when it was all wood stamps… It was a life saver or really… a paper saver!
What is my "Go To" stamp set?
When I don't have a particular project in mind,  but I have the itch to craft, I generally gravitate to my "For The Birds" Stamp set. I love this set. It has cute bird imagery, nice sayings and I love colouring!
What are some of my organizing tips?
So as I said before, I  always need to have my paper piercer… but I ordered mine a long time ago and the container that it came with, is long since gone. So to save my leg and the bag it's in, I stick it in a piece of eraser. Win win! The sharp point isn't exposed and you always have an eraser on hand.
My favourite installation in my craft room is a piece of magnet sheet, that I stuck to one of my drawers. On it, I store sewing needles, so I  always have one handy if I want to sew on a card or need to unclog my glue lid… again!
Now that Stampin' Up! is releasing a lot of Photopolymer stamp sets... I've taped a sheet of acetate to my table top so I can place my stamps on it while crafting. This way, I don't have a bunch of those plastic acetate sheets all over my desk or concerning myself with putting them back on the right image… Lol seriously! If I see the image, they have to go there! (Anyone else?) Also, then they don't get lost or accidentally thrown out. 
When it comes to my clear mount stamps, I don't throw away the excess rubber. I remove the backing and mount it to the inside of my case. This allows me to know when I'm missing a stamp and also so my stamps don't flop around inside the case. It's also great for keeping stamps together, when I want to cut up my stamp. For example: the greeting from the image.

Speaking of stamps flopping around inside its case… I don't like my framelits being loose in their folders either. So I stick the label to the back of a magnet sheet and put my framelits on the other side. I mark down how many pieces there are and then slide it back into the folder.

So... What are some of my bad habits?
Well...I am terrible at cleaning my stamps… Yep! Pulled this stampset out at random and… surprise! It's dirty. I'm more of the "Empty the lint trap before you run the dryer" kind of gal. You always know it's clean, when you do it before using it!

Also... I'm an explosive crafter! What does that mean?… It means, when I craft, it looks like a bomb went off. Everything is everywhere! I am TERRIBLE at putting things back as I craft. (sorry NO picture of this! I'm embarrassed enough just cleaning it!

and last but not least… even my clear blocks are dirty! LOL

Well there you have it… a little about me and my crafting. Thanks for stopping by and rest assure that last week's hiatus is over!

Have a great day and happy creating as always!

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  1. Oh Martha - you make me laugh. I am totally the same - messy when I'm staming, and I do the same thing with the lint trap and not cleaning my stamps right away. Hope you have a better week ! We need a coffee date!!