Perfect Blend...abilities!

I know I said this yesterday, but I am absolutely loving the new Blendablities markers. They are so easy and smooth to use. Trust me... anyone will be able to use these!

A good stamp set to use, while playing with the blendabilities marker is "Perfect Blend" A nice open image.

Now... I'm still playing and learning with the markers, but I think my cup turned out pretty good. I do need to go back and fix the lid a little, but that's the nice thing about these markers is that I CAN! I don't have to worry about over working my paper or having to work quickly.
Along with the markers, there is also a lifter marker. It is used to lift up colour and bring out those highlights. you can also use it to fix minor colouring errors, but don't think of it as an eraser as it won't eliminate colour fully.

Now, onto the greeting... It is the one from the set, however, I have changed it slightly. My husband always comments how he wishes he didn't have to sleep... (yeah he's crazy. Bring on the naps!) so I wanted to change the greeting from "I" to "U"... so I did. You can do this with a marker and just colour what you want to stamp, but I find it's never as dark... so I eliminate what I don't want to stamp with scotch tape or washi tape, ink it up, remove the tape and stamp. Voila!

For my coffee cozy, I actually stamped my image onto the burlap ribbon, cut it out and shaded it using a sponge dauber and Soft Suede ink.

Happy Creating and have a great week-end!

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  1. you've given me new meaning to this stamp set....I now like it! TFS!