Digital Project Life: Hopscotch!

O-mi-goodness! I think I'm in love with Project Life, pocket scrapbooking! Does it still count even though I'm doing it digitally?

You see... I'm don't really consider myself a scrapbooker... don't get me wrong... I love scrapbooking and the whole idea of it...but I can't say I have books upon books of completed pages... But with this new Project Life scrapbooking and the use of pocket cards, I may just become one!

Printed and inserted in PL page #1
My Boys and I played hopscotch yesterday! YEP! YESTERDAY!!! and not even 24 hours later I have the moment creatively recorded and in a book! (well... sort of... The PL album is not available yet, but you know what I mean.) Mark this day down, because this is a first for me!!! Trust me...

I think PL is a great tool for capturing and recording every day moments. Moments that can sometimes get lost because we're too busy trying to scrapbook the major events.

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Happy Creating everyone!

    _Designer Kits/Everyday Adventure Project Life - embellishments - 4x6 - 6
    _Designer Kits/Everyday Adventure Project Life - embellishments - 3x4 - 63
    _Designer Kits/Everyday Adventure Project Life - embellishments -  4x6 - 17

    Point & Click Project Life - dotted swoosh
    Point & Click Project Life - arrow 1


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  1. Oh Martha - as always you inspire me!! (and shame me a bit because I haven't had a chance to play with my PL yet!) Love it!