Beautiful Butterflies!

Good morning! Isn't it great to start the week off on a Tuesday? Oh how I love long week-ends. Although, I have to laugh at myself... I always have this big plan, that I'm going to craft up a storm, all week-end...  and yeah... it never happens! Lol gotta love reality! I did do some crafting, just not as much as I would have if I actually lived in La-la Land!

Today's card is a little different for me... I really liked creating this card the other day, with the repeating shapes and patterns, so I thought I would play with the same idea, only a different punch.

I pick out my colours from my scrap bin, grabbed my tiny butterfly punch and worked away. I loved it, but... now what? Everything I tried, just didn't seem to work. I had to face it, my background was too busy and too much of a distraction... but I wasn't willing to discard all of my tedious work. So Cardstock Vellum to the rescue! I love this stuff! It's thick: like cardstock, and see-thru: like tracing paper! (It makes cool packaging!)

Once I had everything assembled, my card was just too clean and crisp... so I stamped Crumb Cake splatters (stamped off first) and then folded and creased the edges of the vellum. Much better! It even allowed for my background to peek through, which I like.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Too cute! I love the background, ver creative! The vellum is perfect over it. TFS