March Paper Pumpkin

I love getting my Paper Pumpkin in the mail every month.
It arrives,
I do a little happy dance,
a few tee hee's and ooh's and ahh's,
and then...
I set it aside and
forget to do it!

I don't know why, as I really do love it. It is so nice to create, without having to do the creative thinking.

Anyways... so here I am AGAIN, only a few days before the next on is to ship, sharing my paper pumpkin.

March's Paper Pumpkin was a card kit. You received enough materials to create four "Congrats" cards and four "Thank You" cards + gold lined envelopes! Fun!

But you know me... I like to play and create a whole new project for you. So... why not create some coordinating gift boxes to go with those cards! I just can't resist making cute little packages. They are too much fun!

My box is made from a full card base (8.5" X 5.5") - open and unfolded.

- On the 5.5" card length: score at 1.25", 2.5", 3.75" and 5".

- On the 8.5" card length: score at 1.25" and 7.25"

- Stamp as desired.

- Fold all score lines.

- On both 5.5" card lengths: cut score lines up to the perpendicular score line (1.25" in), to create box flaps

- Cut and discard the tiny end flaps.

- Place sticky strip on the small 0.5" flap and attach to the other side.

- Fold in flaps and stick down with sticky strip. Fill box and repeat to close the other end.

- Attach wood accessories and glitter dots.

Here is a visual for you!

To make the bow:

- Cut two - 0.5" strips from an envelope liner.

- Glue one strip together end to end, to form a loop.

- Glue down in the centre to form an "8"

- Attach the second strip to the back, wrap around the centre of the bow,  and glue it down in the back. Trim excess.

Are you receiving paper pumpkin? If not, check out all the details HERE and sign up today! You won't be disappointed! I  promise!
Have a great day!

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  1. leave it to you to create outside the box!! very nice!