The Construction Gear!

Welcome back for my third and final post on my son's construction birthday party.

Yesterday I shared my construction crew's outfits for the "job site". I gave them a hat, supplied them with "tools" and a tool belt and before they headed home, I made sure to equip them with a few essential materials to construct at home! I designed their tool belts to be their goody bags, so I just couldn't resist making their goodies co-ordinate with the party theme!

First off, I made sure that every "worker" received a "Worker's Manual". I created the labels for them with the Bday Under Construction download, Hello Perfection and the font: Boston Traffic. I then glued my labels onto little note pads from the dollar store.

Next up, I gave them "screws" to build with. I designed the screws using the various punches available in MDS. I lined them up in a row and printed them out. I then rolled the print out around a package of markers.

To ensure accuracy, I made sure to equip my little "workers" with a "measuring tape" (lollipop). You know... measure twice, cut once... or something like that ;) I created my measure tape with the Bday Under Construction download, punches and Basic Black eyelets

Last but not least, I supplied them with a box of "nails" (chocolate) to go with the hammer on their tool belt. I made the nails using various punches in MDS. I measured the sides of my box and used the square punch to create the correct size wrapper.
Well... I think my "workers" were fully prepared for the "job" and they looked pretty darn cute too!
All of the kids had a great time and I had an absolute blast planning it all! What can I say... My Digital Studio makes it so easy to do!


  1. looks like everyone had a blast, but most of all...YOU!!!! thanks for sharing, so what are the plans for another birthday?

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