Golden Bunny

Have I mentioned that I LOVE easter!?!
I do, and I'm actually quite happy that it's later this year. Sure... it means waiting longer for it to come, But... it also means more time to make easter crafts!!! So, I really hope you like it too, because you're probably going to see a lot of it on my blog for the next little bit! (Sorry!)

Today's card is kind of different...
Not your typical card... But there was motive behind it.

I was visiting with a couple of demonstrator friends the other day. While unpacking my order, one of my friends noticed that I had ordered the Gold Sequin Trim.

"What are your plans for that" she asked

"Not really sure" I replied  " I haven't seen much done with it, besides using one sequin at a time, but I thought it might be fun to work with..."

"oh. I didn't order it. I couldn't see a way of using it without it being tacky..."

I had to chuckle, as it's kind of true... besides dancing, figure skating and maybe some fancy dresses, sequins don't exactly have a grand elegance to them. But it got me thinking...

"Could I make a card with the sequin trim, in full form, without it looking tacky?"

Well... I'm always up to a challenge and I think I did it. But ultimately, you're the judge. What do you think?

I created my card on Naturals Ivory cardstock. (Love this paper!)

I found a bunny silhouette image on-line and traced it out onto the front of my card. Then with a lot of glue dots, I attached my Gold Sequin Trim along the image.

Don't press your sequin trim onto your glue dots, like you normally would. Instead, use your paper piercer to lift up the glue dots and place them along the image's line. I found this much easier and gave better accuracy when it came to placing my trim.

To finish my bunny off, I added a bow made out of the 7/16" Natural Trim.

My easter greeting is from the stamp set: Delightful Dozen, and is stamped in Soft Suede Ink.

I hope you like today's card. I really wish you could see it in real life, as it is REALLY hard to photograph sequins. I'm just not sure my photo is showing the unique beauty of it, that I see...
Let me know what you think and have a great day!

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  1. it's a different look, but the longer you look at it, the cuter the bunny's head is; thanks for your inspiration, as it seems you have a ton of it; I'm sure your demonstrator friends love having you craft w/them; I know I would!!