Snowball Surprise!

Good Morning! Did you have a good New Year's day? My family and I had a wonderfully lazy day of watching movies, snuggling and family nap time! It was great!

Today, I'm sharing another pinterest inspiration!
On my Husband's side of the family, I have 2 nieces and 3 nephews to buy for, for christmas. Their ages range from a very mature 4 to 8 years old and as they're get older, I'm finding it harder to know what to get them...Fisher Price can't help me anymore.

So this year, I decided to give them money... but instead of just putting cash in a card, I decided to make it fun for them as well!

I found the snowball idea on pinterest, and thought it was absolutely brilliant! I created 5 very wonky "snowballs" filled with all sorts of goodies, from stickers and candy to Hot Wheels and lip gloss and who could forget the money! But...I didn't just put a bill in there... Nope! They got their cash one Loonie or Toonie at a time!

Once I finished creating my "snowballs" I bagged them up and added some shiny ribbon, but they needed something more... So off to MDS I went! I created cute little tags to explain what I was giving them. I printed them off, punched them out and attached!

I used the splatter tool, under stamps, to create the snowball "splat" in Wisteria Wonder. The snowflake is from the designer kit: Lemonade Stand and I used the font: Cornfed. To get my wording on a curve, I used the free form tool to create curved lines and then attached my text to it. (please see my video here for a how-to)

Here is my digital file. Feel free to print and use!
Happy Creating!

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