Snow Monster!

Have you ever taken pictures, that you just had to scrapbook right away? That you already had a page in mind, before you even had the pictures off your camera? Well, that was me with this page!

I just couldn't resist scrapbooking my little "Snow Monster" in his new hat from Grandma, and I knew I had the perfect download for it as well! The Watercolored Winter Kit has just the right embellishments to give my page the cold and frosty look I was hoping for! I love the "snow swipes" and "snow circles" and when you start changing the opacity of them, it really gives you an authentic frosty look!

Well I hope you've been keeping warm the last few days!  We've had a couple of snow days here, with temperatures at -25, feeling like -40 with the wind chill... Yikes! Bring on spring ;)
Have a great day, stay warm and happy creating!
Please see below for my complete supply list!

*added note: I'm not sure why, but it seems that blogger is uploading my page darker then it is...I have my file open and my web page open and there is an extreme difference... hopefully it's not as bad for you... sorry.


    _Designer Kits/Watercolored Winter - embellishments - snowflake
    _Designer Kits/Watercolored Winter - embellishments - snow

    _Designer Kits/Watercolored Winter - embellishments - watercolor 1
    _Designer Kits/Watercolored Winter - embellishments - watercolor 3
    _Designer Kits/Picture This - embellishments - film bar 2
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business - embellishments - blue tape (re-colored) Color = 72,164,198
    _Designer Kits/Party Premiere - embellishments - 1
    _Basic Pearls and Rhinestones
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch, Fill Color = 142,225,246

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