My Crafting Space.

WOW! I have been MIA!!! But it's been for a good reason!
My craft room has been in dis-order for quite some time now and  It was really starting to look like a great candidate for the TV show Hoarders.

It all started when my second son was due and we needed the bedroom that my husband was occupying with his hobby. I offered up half of my craft room and I never got my stuff fully organized before we moved him in. On top of that, our lives got busier and the room started to be the "collect-all" for the rest of the house.

Anyways... This past week, I put my foot down and said that I am going to have a clean, functional craft room. I took out EVERY single box, bag, container and item out of my craft room until I had a clean floor! My laundry room was a MESS! My Hubby thought I had lost my mind. Which I probably had, as I was just chucking everything out the door. Well I'm happy to say that I accomplished my goal! I have a very clean (for now...) and functional craft room! AND I dealt with everything , so my laundry room is back to normal as well (sometimes it's easy just to move the mess)

So I thought that I would share with you my craft room! Now don't get too excited... my craft room is by NO means, Stylish, Trendy or anywhere near magazine worthy, but it's my happy place and that's all that matters for me.

I live in a small house, and my craft room is in the furnace room! YUP! you read that right, my craft room is in the furnace room. This is what you first seen when you walk in! The Furnace and Water Heater! Lol! As you can imagine, the room is quite small. Measuring 9'x9', so I had to be quite inventive to have majority of my stuff accessible.

Next is a picture of my room, using the panoramic setting on my camera (Click on photos for a larger image).  Pretty neat eh? As you can see, I take up 2 walls and a counter and my Hubby has the other wall and a counter.

This is my main wall. It holds A LOT of stuff! Our furnace room was unfinished when we moved in, so I used the exposed 2 by 4's to my advantage and with some doweling, I created storage for my punches, accessories and wheels. On the shelving, I store mainly stamp sets, and big shot stuff! Did you notice my paper rack? My dad made that for me years ago and I love it! It's small and compact, and right at my finger tips!
My paper rack is actually mounted on my door. Did you notice that my door has 4 hinges... yeah, that much paper is actually really heavy and hubby thought it would be best to give the door some extra support!

Let's see...what next...
Here is my work station. I have a nice big window, to look outside when I'm crafting during the day. My inks are all stored and displayed right in front of me, giving me a little shelve for the current style punches and some little storage bins. I have some little storage bins mounted underneath my counter, that holds my adhesives on one side of me and my embossing powders and glitters on the other side.

Since I lost half of my counter space I had to find other means of storing stuff. My newest change is my ribbon. I had a ribbon holder, but it just wasn't working. So I've decided to have my ribbon hanging on a wire that I attached to curtain rod fixtures.

To my left are MORE stamps! My retired ones are up on the wall shelves and my current ones are on an old DVD/CD rack that I modified to work in my space. I also have other accessories stored in cases on this rack, such as my rhinestones and pearls, extra blades and threads, etc.

I placed a shelving unit under my counter top to allow for more storage! For extra things and different crafting mediums.
I have my heat guns, hanging underneath my counter as well, ready to go, when I need to use them.
Tins, and tiles, ready for decorating.
My different adhesives, treat cups, and envelopes and SO much more!
To the right of me is my little stuff storage. It was an idea I saw on pinterest. They used, I think, tubing or pipes, but I had these cardboard containers (like hot chocolate tins) that would work, so I spray painted them white and hubby mounted them on the wall for me!
I store my "little but needed often" items in them, such as scissors, pencils and pens, my stamp-ma-jig, spritzers etc.

Well that's pretty much my crafting space in a nut shell.

Hopefully you enjoyed my little tour and Happy Creating!


  1. OMGOSH! this might be a small space, but it is oh so colourful and neatly organized. I thought I had a lot of supplies! WOW! I love that you painted the walls so brightly. Had you not said so, I would never know it was the utility room. GREAT job Martha! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Lyn! Who would of known that one little stamp order, over 8 years ago, would lead to this! Lol

  2. Wow! Your studio looks amazing!! xoxo

  3. I'm so impressed with what you've done with your space! And what comes out of it is pretty amazing too!