Envelope Punch Board meets My Digital Studio

Good morning and Happy Thursday!

If you follow me on Facebook, then yesterday, you would have seen this photo, teasing you with my latest project. I decided to introduce my Envelope Punch Board to My Digital Studio!

Did you figure out, what I was creating? If you guess a Halloween treat package, you would be correct...
But if you guessed a HALLOWEEN CRACKER, then you would be exactly correct!!!

How fun are these!?!

When I saw how easy it was to create the Christmas Crackers AND that they were made from one flat sheet of paper, I knew I could incorporate My Digital Studio! So off I went!

I made these crackers smaller, with a starting size of 4.25"x 5.25". I knew I would be printing them, and I wanted to fit as many as I could on one page! I still did the 1" side panels, but to create the ends, I punched them on the Envelope Punch Board at 1" instead of 1.5". I then scored them at .5", 1" and 1.5"

I was able to fit 4 to a page and it cost about .48 cents for me to print it at the local print shop (on 32lb paper). So basically each package cost about .12 cents! At that price I won't cringe when people rip them open to get the treats.

I will be honest that there is one down fall with folding a printed sheet... unfortunately the ink doesn't like to be scored or bended. As you can see in my photo, my folds are frayed a bit. I don't mind it with this project as it adds to the spooky effect, but it may not go as well with other type of favours. I was able to reduce the markings a bit by scoring them on the blank side and lightly folding - No Bone Folder this time!

One more thing before I go: Remember... people are going to throw these out, save your good adhesive and use some Dollar Store double sided tape, It works just fine. Also instead of wasting your good ribbon or cord, use gift wrapping ribbon, I didn't have any at the time but it would work perfectly!

Have a great day and "I dare you" to try these out for yourself!
Happy Creating!


    _Designer Kits/Halloween Banner Simply Created - skull
    _Designer Kits/Sophisticated Spooks/Sophisticated Spooks - beware
    _Designer Kits/Sophisticated Spooks/Sophisticated Spooks - take a bite

    Basics/1.25 Square Punch,  Filled with: Card Stock/Textured Card Stock - Basic Black
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch, Fill Color = YOYO YELLOW 


  1. You crack me up with your clever ideas! Love these!

  2. Cute! I wonder if you could use a black marker where the white is showing through after you crease the paper.

    1. Thanks Heather! I was wondering the same thing, but I thought for Halloween, it kind of works...