Wahoo! September's Paper Pumpkin!

Did you receive your Paper Pumpkin yet? I did and I must say, it was fun getting a complete surprise in the mail. Well almost...
Just FYI - Don't go on pinterest after it's been shipped :( Some places receive theirs sooner then others.

This month's kit, is the Wahoo! kit. You receive a giant "Wahoo!" stamp, a "You did it!" stamp, a Midnight Muse Ink Spot and enough material to make 4 cards!
The cards are super stylish and I love how they are not gender specific.

I made up a few of the cards and then moved on to make a coordinating gift box! You know me... I love little gift boxes.

So here is what I came up with? What do you think? Wanna make one? Well you can and it only uses 1 cards worth of material!!!

- On the 8.5" edge cut .25" off of the target design.
  You should now have a base size of 8.25" x 5.5".
- With your main card base, target design face up. score at 1" and 4.5" on the 5.5" edge.
- On the 8.25" edge and your target design to the left,
   score at 3", (4" is the card fold), 7" and 8".
- Cut on those score marks up to the 1" score lines on each side.
- Cut and remove tiny end flaps (see diagram below)
- Fold on all score lines and assemble by taping the sides together, and tuck box flaps in!

Well, I hope my diagram and instructions make sense! If not, just ask! I don't mind!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Hi Martha,

    Oh this box is super cute! Thanks for including the diagram so I can make one.

    Peace, Love & Joy,