Sealed with a Kiss!

So here is another stamp I carved with the new Undefined Stamp carving kit!

I made it look like kissing lips, but at the same time spell out the letters SWAK. What do you think? I think it looks super cute on the back of an envelope, Especially since it stamps a little rough due to the edges of the flaps.

So.... Do you really like this image? Enough to want it in a stamp set?

The reason I'm asking is because I actually entered this image and several others into the Stampin' Up! "In with you Stamp Set Design Challenge" Contest! This contest is open to everyone, demonstrators and customers! So if you have a great idea for a stamp set, I encourage you to enter too! But in the meantime, I was hoping you could check out my entry and If you like it, could you give me your vote? Thank you so much. But Make sure to check out some of the other entries as well ;)

Have a great day and as always Happy Creating!


  1. you are definitely a designer; I placed a vote for you....hope you win!