A Challenge... I think!?!

Today I'm sharing with you a challenge I was given... I think! Yikes!

Last month, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Stampin' Up! Covention! I went down with 20 other ladies and while we were there we swapped pillow gifts. I received so many beautiful gifts and I would love to share them all with you, but as I said there was 20 of us, and we'd be here forever!

However, I will share this one with you, as this is where the Challenge came from. My Wonderful Up-line and friend: Heather Summers, gave everyone this for her Pillow Swap! It's the new stamp set: Simply Star, (because our team name is Simply Stars!) and it was beautifully decorated!

When Heather presented her Pillow swap she also offered up a challenge... I think. LOL

I guess this is where I have to admit that I wasn't fully listening. Which isn't a good thing, considering Heather is a teacher... I believe the challenge that Heather presented to us, was to create a card from her packaging. We could add a card base, but nothing else. So I stepped up and took on the challenge...(If there even was a challenge... is this all in my imagination?)

Here is what I came up with. I cut it down to fit on a standard card front and then used the remaining DSP and cut out the chevron pattern from the opposite side. I did sponge ink on the edges, so the white wasn't so bright. My intentions were to keep her full tag on the card, but unfortunately I got an ink smudge on it and I had to cut it down. But I think it still looks good. Her challenge was harder then I thought - once I did something, I couldn't undo it!

Well, hopefully this was the challenge...(Simply Star Ladies can you confirm this?) and if not, I hope you enjoyed it anyways!

Have a great day and Happy Creating!


  1. hee hee, yes there was a challenge! I was just talking about it with Heather A yesterday - guess it is my turn to get busy! Secret- I haven't even opened my make and takes yet, what a busy summer this has been!
    Love your take on the challenge!

    1. Oh Thank Goodness, I'm not going crazy!
      I haven't done my Take 'n' Makes ;) either Lyn!

  2. Yes Martha, it was a challenge and I like everyone else haven't done mine. Keep thinking, I need to do this, but needing and doing are two different things.

    On this occasion you are the STAR.

  3. I hear you Barbara! I have a ton of stuff I "Need" to do ;)