Pillow Swaps, All Wrapped Up!

One thing that has become quite popular amongst convention goers is Pillow Gift Swaps! 
I Think... the idea came from Stampin' Up! cruises, where individuals would come back to their rooms at night and find little gifts on their pillow from SU.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, There is a group of 20 of us heading to Convention this year! 2 people are from Australia - Hi Teneale and Barbara! 1 person is from Utah - Hi Leela! 1 person is from Alberta - Hi Christine! and the rest of us, are from London, Ontario and surrounding areas! Hi everyone!!!

So 20 people = making 19 Swaps! WOW! (Actually... we had to make 22 as a few people joined the swap but weren't able to make it to convention) I Know that doesn't seem too bad, but I like to be over prepared and I actually made 25!

I can't actually show you what I created... just yet!
We are swapping them out tonight and I don't want to ruin it for anyone participating in the swap, but for now, I thought I would share the little packages I made to pack them in!

Unfortunately, when the 2013-2014 catalogue was launched, we had to say goodbye to Stampin' Up's! Fabric, as it retired. But since it only retired a month or so ago and this is a pretty relaxed swap, I decided to use it anyways for my packages.

They are really small and really simple, but cute! Basically, they are a rectangle folded in half. It's raw edges are folded over and sewn, ribbon-folded and placed on one side and then sewn up!

Did you notice my little tag? When I say litte... I mean LITTLE! See it compared to a quarter! I would love to tell you how I made it, but I can't... Not yet! (Are you annoyed with me yet!) I also made my Pillow gift with it, so I want to wait and reveal it tomorrow!
I will tell you, that I created it with My Digital Studio and I made each tag, to match its fabric bag!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Creating, as always!

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