Flag it!

Wow! I can't believe it's been SO long since I last posted. I've been so busy getting ready and creating for convention that I haven't given by blog much thought! I am so Sorry!
The good news though... is now I have lots to share! So I hope you'll forgive me!

Today I'm sharing with you a MDS creation that I completely forgot to share with you.
Last month, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and my mom had her 60th birthday. They planned a big celebration party for their anniversary and my (sneaky) mom tried to keep her birthday on the down low.
But my Sister and I were not having it! We got her balloons, a flashing button, my sister made delicious cupcakes and I
created these cute little flags.

I got the inspiration for these little flags from the balloon my sister picked out. I designed them in strips, got them printed and folded them over, cut down bamboo sticks (for shish-kabobs), as toothpicks were just to short for the size of my print outs.

Thanks for stopping by, even though it's been so long. Make sure to check back in the next few day, because even though I'm off to convention, I have plenty to share! I have 2 more swap cards to share, my pillow swap packages and of course my pillow swaps! Can't wait to show you!
Have a great day and Happy Creating!

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