Busy, busy, busy!

Well my household has been busy this week. I arrived home from convention a day later then planned and then Pake and Beppe (Grandpa and Grandma) came down to camp and visit for the week! Busy, but we've been having a blast! But enough about me, onto some creative inspirations!

As I mentioned, I came home from convention a day later then planned. Our plane had a malfunction and we had to spend another night in Utah. But that's okay, we made the best of it with sleeping, MDSing, and sharing some of the swaps we received at convention! Today I'm going to share with you some of the swaps my friends received. I apologize in advance, I took pictures of the cards but didn't even think to take pictures of the back, so I can't give credit  to the person who made it. If it yours Please let me know, so I can give you credit and link to your blog!

Love the colours used, the doily and splattered background.
Created by Lauren Hope!

A great little 3x3! Love the colours and the touch of glitter in the background.

Very vintage! I can't do vintage, so I love this.

I love all the images used and the mixture of papers. Great colour combination!

Cute and colourful! Love the embossing over the DSP. 
Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!


  1. Hello Martha,

    The top card - "Happiest Birthday" was made by my friend Lauren Hope for the Pin It swap hosted by Donna Wizniuk.

    Lovely blog, thanks for being here!

    1. Thank You Leslie for letting me know! It's a beautiful card and I'll be sure to add her name!

    2. Does Lauren have a blog or website I can link to? I couldn't find anything when I did a google search. Thanks