It's Tuesday!

YEAH!  It's Tuesday and you know what that means... New Download Day! Stampin' Up! released 3 new downloads today and one is a definite MUST HAVE for me! Why? Well... because it's Tuesday. Tuesday, April 16th to be exact! Which means it's Registration Day for CONVENTION 2013!!!

That's right! I'm going on a Trip! So I will definitely need the new download: On Holiday Photobook Template! Stampin' Up! must of known that I started a book last night to document my trip. I want to document my experience from start to finish. I'm going to make my book 8"x8" and it's going to be my little book of everything. I'm going to have spots to make lists, such as what to pack or what I need to buy or do before I leave. I don't even care if it gets sloppy or I scratch things out, as that's part of the journey. I'm going to leave an area, to stick my used plane tickets or ticket stubs. I'm going to insert little photo boxes here and there (not alot) to pop in a instagram or phone photo after I return from my trip. I'm going to have places to write down what I'm feeling, even before the trip such as anticipation or nervousness. My book will of course, also have a spot for daily entries, so when I come home with a BA-Zillion photo's I'll be able to scrapbook them with a little more detailed journaling.

Here is what I have designed so far for the cover of my book. The Left side is the back and the Right side is the front. Obviously it's not complete but I like where it's heading! I've used the "Sent with Love Kit" thus far.

Have a great day!

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