Guest Page! Chopper, Chop!

I am so excited that my good friend, leah, has become a
MDS-er! (yes that's a word, Lol)

She was so cute. She called me up:

"Martha, I want to show you my first few pages but you can't laugh" (as if I would!?!)

"Send them to me! I want to see!"

"okay, but don't laugh"

"I won't laugh, as I know they'll be awesome!" (She's so creative, so I know they'll be good!)

"okay, how do I do that?"

So I walked her through exporting her page and LOOK at what she sent me!?!  How amazing is she!?! and this is one of her 1st pages!!! Great page Leah!

Did you notice here journaling on the curve? Check out today's video to learn how to do that.
Have a great day, and Happy Creating!

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