Heading Home! Smash Book Page

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a terrific week-end, especially with the nice weather. My family and I had a great week-end in Sarnia.

Today, I'm sharing another page for my Smash Book Journal.

Does it look familiar?
Nope I didn't double post.
but I did Duplicate my pages!
Being able to duplicate your pages is a great function in My Digital Studio! This double page spread took a matter of minutes for me to create. I duplicated my Departure Day pages, rearrange my objects, typed in a new title and Voila! A whole page.

Please see my video today on how to duplicate a page in My Digital Studio!

Have a great day and for a list of supplies, please see below.

    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - flag 2
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business - embellishments - white frame
    _Hardware/Vintage Trinkets - pewter pin
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - the journey is half of the fun

    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - map canada
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - icon plane 1
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - dotted line long,
    _Designer Kits/Places I've Been - maple leaf
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - map usa,
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/On Holiday - world
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/On Holiday - world 2

Oh Boys will be Boys!

Friday Already!?! Wow...
I'm so sorry I've been so wishy washy with my posting this week, my days just got away from me.

Today I'm sharing... a scrapbook page! (are you glad it's not another journal page? Lol)

My page today, is actually really simple. In fact, I'm not quite sure if it's complete, so I'm sleeping on it (so to speak) to see how I feel about it.

I love how Stampin' Up! created a splatter tool in My Digital Studio. Some times a page just needs a little splat here or there or a big one when your page is about mud!

Did you see the retiring list yet? Yep it's that time of year again! Time to say goodbye to a lot of great products to make room for brand new ones! You should really check it out, as many items have been discounted, INCLUDING... My Digital Studio Content Discs! If you love downloads then you need to check this out. MDS Content Discs are now 60% off and they are FULL of downloads!!! Take a look and Contact Me if you want to take advantage of these great deals!

Have a great week-end and Happy Creating as always!

    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Nobody's Business - gray tape
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Nobody's Business - blue tape (re-colored)
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Lemonade Stand - stitching 1
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Seriously Teen - washi tape 2
    Top Notch Woodcuts - true story

    Million-Dollar Moments - woman and umbrella , Color = SOFT SUEDE 124,103,74
    Splatters/Ink Splatter 1, 

    Splatters/Ink Splatter 2,
    _Designer Kits/See Ya Next Year - alphabet
    Alphabet & Numbers/Timeless Type Junior Letters/Timeless Type Junior Uppercase - b

Tickets Please! Smash Book Page!

Did you check out yesterday's downloads?  Stampin' Up! released 3 new ones and they're great. I've already scooped up the "See Ya Next Year Photobook Template" and I can't wait to create with it.

Until then, I've got ANOTHER page for my Smash Book to share. Sorry...

Do you keep your plane tickets or luggage tags? I do and I don't know why, especially since I've never completed a trip scrapbook. I went to convention 4 years ago and even to this day, I have my plane tickets and luggage tags floating around in my craft room with plans to scrapbook them. (eye roll.... we all know that's never going to happen! lol )

Well, this time it's going to be a different story. I created a double page spread, specifically for my plane tickets and tags! As soon as they're used, I'm going to pull out my tape and scrapbook them right there and then! I know it's silly to design a page just to cover it up but I had to make it look pretty and also the tickets won't cover up the whole page.

Want to see more of my Smash Book? Please see the following links to my previous post.
Departure Day
Start of my Journey

Please see my supply list below.

Have a great day! Happy Creating!

    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Sent with Love - tape 1
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/On Holiday - ticket approved (re-colored)
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/On Holiday - trip memories
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/Sent with Love - arrow
    _Designer Kits/embellishments/On Holiday - pin

    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - map world
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - heart stamp

    _Designer Kits/On Holiday - ticket

    Basics/1.25 Circle Punch, Fill Color = POOL PARTY
    Alphabet & Numbers/Timeless Type Junior Numbers - 1, Fill Color = REAL RED
    Basics/1.25 Circle Punch, Fill Color = REAL RED 
    1.25 Circle Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Sent with Love - 8
    Basics/Hexagon Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Sent with Love - 8

The Start of my Journey! Smash Book Page.

Happy Monday everyone! I had a great week-end and I hope you did as well! I got to spend my week-end with a long time friend, who I haven't seen in FOREVER. (Life just kept getting in the way. Lol) The funny thing, is that we spent the whole time MDSing!!! (yep, I got her addicted) So just picture it... the 2 of us sitting on the couch beside each other and both of us with our heads in our laptops! Lol. We did visit too and not by texting or facebooking!

Anyways, today I'm sharing another page I've designed for my smash book journal. (Cover post, Departure Page post) I hope you're not getting tired of seeing my idea's for this book. I've been working pretty steadily on it, So that's pretty much all I have to share right now.
Anyways... Today's page is documenting the start of my journey to Convention 2013. Stampin' Up! sent invitations out to all the demonstrators, inviting them to convention. I thought this would be great to include in my book. The Invitation is too large and thick to tape inside a bounded book, so I scanned it and brought it in as a photo. I like it and now I can display the front and inside at the same time!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to download the FREE kit: Play Polkadots. It's only free until April 23rd 2013 (Tomorrow!)

Supply List!
    _Designer Kits/On Holiday - embellishments/ - pin
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - sealed with a kiss (re-colored)
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - sent with love
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - to you

    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Nobody's Business - 5 (re-colored)

Departure Day, Smash Book Page!

I am SO excited for my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah this summer. It kills me to think that it is still 3 months away!

As I mentioned the other day, I'm creating a book that I can document my journey in. My book's design is intended to be the base for a smash book. I plan on writing or doodling in it, making little notes, taping in mementos and attaching few photos here or there. I might have to get some of that popular washi tape, before I go!

My pages will have a few design elements, but majority of it will be blank areas (like in this page), allowing for me to add... Anything! What kind of things do you add to your journals?

I hope you enjoyed today's pages and that it inspires you to create a book for your adventures this year! Please see below for a list of digital supplies.
Have a great day and as always, Happy Creating!

    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - flag 2
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business - embellishments - white frame
    _Hardware/Vintage Trinkets - pewter pin
    _Designer Kits/Sent with Love - embellishments - the journey is half of the fun

    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - map canada
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - icon plane 1
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - dotted line long,
    _Designer Kits/Places I've Been - maple leaf
    _Designer Kits/World Traveler - map usa,
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/On Holiday - world
    Basics/1.25 Square Punch,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/On Holiday - world 2

So Exciting! Playful Polkadots!

Sorry about the late post, but as per usual, I was fiddling over and over with my page.

Today's page, features the digital kit: Playful Polkadots, which is currently FREE!!! Yep you read that right! FREE!!!

My Digital Studio surpassed 20,000 Likes on Facebook!  So, Stampin' Up! decided to give away a free kit! It's a great kit and my page barely scratches the surface of what it contains. (and I mean BARELY!!!)

So, RUN! Follow my link and get it while it's free (now until April 23rd 2013). Even if you don't use MDS, DO IT!  You know you'll eventually be using it and then you'll already have downloads for it! ;)

Have a good day and happy free creating!

It's Tuesday!

YEAH!  It's Tuesday and you know what that means... New Download Day! Stampin' Up! released 3 new downloads today and one is a definite MUST HAVE for me! Why? Well... because it's Tuesday. Tuesday, April 16th to be exact! Which means it's Registration Day for CONVENTION 2013!!!

That's right! I'm going on a Trip! So I will definitely need the new download: On Holiday Photobook Template! Stampin' Up! must of known that I started a book last night to document my trip. I want to document my experience from start to finish. I'm going to make my book 8"x8" and it's going to be my little book of everything. I'm going to have spots to make lists, such as what to pack or what I need to buy or do before I leave. I don't even care if it gets sloppy or I scratch things out, as that's part of the journey. I'm going to leave an area, to stick my used plane tickets or ticket stubs. I'm going to insert little photo boxes here and there (not alot) to pop in a instagram or phone photo after I return from my trip. I'm going to have places to write down what I'm feeling, even before the trip such as anticipation or nervousness. My book will of course, also have a spot for daily entries, so when I come home with a BA-Zillion photo's I'll be able to scrapbook them with a little more detailed journaling.

Here is what I have designed so far for the cover of my book. The Left side is the back and the Right side is the front. Obviously it's not complete but I like where it's heading! I've used the "Sent with Love Kit" thus far.

Have a great day!

Quick and Simple

Do you ever have "that" card, that you just can't get around to making, and when you finally have some time  to create it, you're so stink'n tired that you don't have the creativity or energy to muster up one?
Well that was the story of my week. Thankfully, My Digital Studio, came to the rescue!

I found a cute and simple card on pinterest and I knew I could recreate it using My Digital Studio. So I whipped it up, sent it to the printers and went TO BED!

I created this card for my Dad, who's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Dad!

My Digital Studio doesn't only have to be for elaborate projects, It can also be for those quick and time saving projects as well!

Happy creating everyone!

Supply List:
    Natural Composition Overlays - 11
    Adventure Awaits - vintage car,

Guest Page! Chopper, Chop!

I am so excited that my good friend, leah, has become a
MDS-er! (yes that's a word, Lol)

She was so cute. She called me up:

"Martha, I want to show you my first few pages but you can't laugh" (as if I would!?!)

"Send them to me! I want to see!"

"okay, but don't laugh"

"I won't laugh, as I know they'll be awesome!" (She's so creative, so I know they'll be good!)

"okay, how do I do that?"

So I walked her through exporting her page and LOOK at what she sent me!?!  How amazing is she!?! and this is one of her 1st pages!!! Great page Leah!

Did you notice here journaling on the curve? Check out today's video to learn how to do that.
Have a great day, and Happy Creating!

Digital file gone squared!

 Well as promised, here is my completed project from the other day.

Last month, I attended a downline meeting, where we were each given a wooden cube. The cubes are from Stampin' Up! but we're discontinued and placed on the clearance rack. My Up-line, Heather Summers, bought up a bunch, and gave each of us one, along with a challenge.
The challenge... design it however you wanted, using current SU product and share it at this months meeting. Well of course, I decided to do it MDS style, and I LOVE IT!

The cube measures 3"x3"x3". When designing my squares on My Digital Studio, I designed them at 3.25"x3.25", allowing for .25" margin.
After my file was printed, I simply cut them out,  glued them on and trimmed down the edges. I used Crystal Effects to glue them on and to coat the surface afterwards.

What a wonderful way to display your favourite photos.

Well I hope you like my final project. Have a great day and Happy Creating!

Inch of Creativity and Facebook!

Inch of Creativity is also on Facebook! Come and join me!
Click Here to hop on over!

(don't worry...I'll still be here too ;)

This and That Epic Day...off to the printers

Sorry, I didn't post yesterday.  I didn't get much of a chance to MDS or craft on the week-end, leaving me with nothing to share. But I do now :)

Did you check out this week's new downloads? Stampin' Up! is helping you prepare for Mother's Day. They have a cute swatchbook template and greeting card templates for mom. I really like the DSP that comes with the swatchbook template. I might just have to get that one ;)
Today I'm sharing a little project that I'm working on. I'm not going to say exactly what it's for, as I'll post the finished project in a few days, but I will show you my digital file. It displays six, 3"x3" scrapbook pages, designed with the This and That Epic Day Kit. Aren't the colours beautiful? They remind me of spring. I love all of the embellishments in this kit, and I love that in MDS you can crop them if needed. I cropped a couple of them for my pages. Can you tell which ones?
If you would like to learn how to crop embellishments, please check out my video below.

Have a great day and Happy Creating!

Pie Chart Challenge #smdssk1

Today's page was inspired by Heather Summers and Kimberly Van Diepen. They host a MDS Challenge group on facebook called "Simply My Digital Studio Challenge". Every week they post a new challenge along with video's and samples. You should really check it out.

Well this past week they posted about pie charts and to be honest with you, I didn't really think I was into them. Then I started putting together this page and I realized that I could make a pie chart look like a colour wheel! So I watched their video's and BOOM! I was into the pie charts!

I made my pie chart the way Kimberly demonstrated. I liked being able to change the colour of each pie slice. The only thing that bothered me, was that I really wanted my pie slices rounded. So of course I was determined to do it.

Well I'm happy to say that I did. I was able to do it by cropping a circle punch with a triangle punch. Now in saying that, it wasn't the easiest technique and there was a lot of playing around.

Once you've checked out Heather and Kimberly's video's, come back and see how I made my pie slices round! Also please see below for my supply list!

Have a great day and happy creating!

     Color = 0,0,0

    Splatters/Ink Splatters 5,
    _Designer Kits/Day in the Life - circle 1
    Splatters/Ink Splatters 1
    Splatters/Ink Splatters 3
    Splatters/Ink Splatters 2

Basics/1.25 Circle Punch,  

Filled with: 
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Bday Under Construction - cones
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/12 Days of Christmas -14
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Cheerful Treat -2
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/All Time Fave -7
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Berry Blossoms -11
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/All Time Fave -8
    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Piece of Cake -2

    Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/All Time Fave -6

Everything Easter - egg, 

Yup! ...I like Easter Eggs!

Happy week-end! Finally! Lol
As you can tell, today's page is a little bright...okay A LOT bright! but I like it and it makes me smile.

I don't really have much else to say about today's page, but please see the video below, to learn how I filled my easter egg punch with different strips of DSP, Enjoy! Also, see below for a full list of supplies.

Have a great week-end!

    _Designer Kits/Everything Easter - egg color (re-colored)
    Vintage Overlays - texture 1
    _Designer Kits/Everything Easter - egg,
    _Designer Kits/Everything Easter - egg cut line
    Epic Overlays - small arrow


Everything Easter - egg,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/Nobody's Business - 11
Everything Easter - egg,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/Nobody's Business - 2
Everything Easter - egg,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/Nobody's Business - 3
Everything Easter - egg,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/Nobody's Business - 4
Everything Easter - egg,  Filled with: Designer Series Paper/Nobody's Business - 7


Follow Your Bliss - Beppe's Little Boy!

Did you have a chance to check out yesterday's new set of downloads? Every Tuesday, Stampin' Up! releases all new downloads! Tuesday is my new favourite day!

Today's page use the new download: Follow Your Bliss Kit. It's a great little kit. It has 12 Designer Series Paper, 12 embellishments, 13 piece stamp set and one cute framable template. The colour combo of the kit is Basic Black, Calypso Coral, Pool Party, Sahara Sand and Whisper White.
My Layout was inspired by a scrapmap that I found on Pinterest. I shifted my photo's over but you can still see the basic layout.

For my Photo I used the Gamma Correction function. The program says: Gamma Correction – Changes the brightness values of the gray tones without dramatically altering the shadows and highlights. The way I see it, it lightens your picture without changing the opacity. Lol! Please check out my video for a quick method of accomplishing the faded out look.

Have a great day and Happy Creating!

Happy Birthday Travis!

Todays card was created for my wonderful husband. He is an amazing husband and father and I don't know where I would be without him. I love you Travis, Happy Birthday!
For his card, I combined two great bundles out of the Spring Catalogue.   I used the "Oh, Hello" bundle and the "Hearts a Flutter" bundle. I love how diverse both of these bundles are. Their images are non specific and can be incorporated into any project.

To give my card a rough and manly feel to it, I used a sponge dauber and inked up the edges with Soft Suede Ink.  Now, I know what you're thinking, I said "manly" card, but I couldn't resist a heart. What can I say? I love my husband, and well... I inked up the edges of the heart too! So that makes it manly... right??? Lol.

Have a great day, and Happy Creating!

You don't have to be a scrapbooker to love MDS!

I thought today I would show you another great feature of My Digital Studio.

All to often (and I'm guilty of this too), you see tons of scrap book pages and inspirations, but you never see a completed book? So that's what I'm sharing today. (Well not all of it, as that would be a ton of photo's!)
Not only is My Digital Studio a great program, but it also offers a great print service.  There are so many print options. Cards, postcards and swatch books. Hard cover, soft cover, and board books. 5"x5", 8"x8", 12"x12", 8 1/2"x11 portrait and landscape. Photo covers, linen albums and leather albums. Calendars, journals and individual pages. The possibilities are endless!

This is a book I made for my husband for his first Father's Day. It is a hard cover, 5"x5", photo cover, album. As you can tell, my book is pretty simple. I wanted to show, that you don't have to be a major scrapbooker to preserve your memories and make a beautiful book. I love how my book looks so professional.

So even if you just want to preserve your photos, MDS is for you. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed seeing a printed book and I hope you'll consider trying out My Digital Studio. Remember, Stampin' Up! offers a free 1 month trial of the program, so what do you have to lose?

Oh, Hello!

I cannot believe that it is April 1st already! Where has the time gone? Did you know that the Spring Catalogue has been out for 3 months already! Craziness! I feel like I've barely scratched the surface when it comes to creating with Spring Catalogue product!

Today's card is created with the "Oh, Hello" bundle from the spring catalogue. This is a great little bundle. It comes with a set of oval framelit dies and a great diverse stamp set. I love the chevron images in this stamp set. I just see so many possibilities with them.
If you haven't checked out the Spring Catalogue yet, make sure you do, as there is a ton of great, new products in it!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!