10 Little Monkeys

I didn't plan to post today. I had nothing to share as I'm still fiddling with a MDS page. (Eye roll... I think I've lost my MDS groove...)

But as Luck would have it, my son Greyson and I had a chance to play in my craft room today, so I started Matthew's 1st Birthday, party invitations!

It's a monkey themed party.  I found these adorable little punch art monkeys on Pinterest and I just had to make them

Now to figure out how I'm going to use them on his invitations. Lol

Happy Creating!


  1. These are so sweet Martha!
    As a complete crazy person I've already started planning Lyla's first birthday party (she's not even 6 months) - I just can't wait to see all the creative goodies you come up with for the party.
    Make sure you post pictures after!

    1. Thanks Marja
      Lol, you're not crazy at all! I can't wait to see what YOU come up with.
      I don't generally go all out. Just invitations, hats and the cake, Only because I know I probably won't complete anything else. Lol. But we'll see. I'm thinking I might make the time for a MDS Pennant Banner. I will definitely share!

  2. Those are so cute Martha! Thanks for posting them.