Hmmmmm....Decisions, Decisions...

So the other day, Stampin' Up! released an interesting download.  It consist of 4 masks with accents that  you can quickly print off and Voila! you have a quick little costume mask.  I thought this was a cute idea,  for Hallowe'en or for kids playing dress-up.  

I was trying to think of different ways that i could use these masks, when it hit me: "why can't  I use them like photo stickers!?! " Well my son Matthew fell victim to my creative idea. What do you think?  The funny part is... Matthew is actually going to be a Super Hero for Hallowe'en!

This week's challenge on My Digital is anything Hallowe'en! Check out all the great entries and maybe find the inspiration you need to get your Hallowe'en groove on! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!

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  1. very cute Martha! I wasn't sure about that download either, but you definitely found the perfect use for it!