Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for tonight? I am, even though I don't do very much. I don't generally get many trick or treaters. I have a long pathway up to my front door, I'm the last house on the street, across the road, on a corner by it's self with no sidewalks and on top of all that my outside lights and front foyer lights don't work. But every year I'll get one or two younger trick or treaters before it gets dark, so I always make sure I have a little bag of candy on hand for them.

Well I put my Pumpkin Photo Booth design to good use. This year my little Trick or Treaters will be getting their candy in one of these cute little sourcream containers that I designed in MDS2. You can make 4 packages out of one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and if you get it printed at staples it only cost you 39 cents a sheet! So...when someone just rips it open, you won't cringe because each package only cost 10 cents a piece! (Anyone who has ever made packages out of Designer Series Paper, knows exactly what I'm talking about!)

Isn't this a Fabulous Idea? Well, I would like to say I came up with it... but I didn't. My super talented up-line, Heather Summers did and she was so nice to share the idea in her Simply MDS2 on-line class. Thanks Heather!

So, Happy Halloween, drive carefully, watch for children and keep your little pets in tonight! 

Hmmmm.... I guess I need to come with a new blog design tonight!


  1. very cute Martha! I left mine for my neighbour to put on the front step (in a big plastic container!) - have no idea if we had any little ones either. We're also at the end of the street and it seems a long walk for some to find us!

  2. I didn't have any Lyn :( too rainy, I guess. But at 10 cents a piece I didn't mind ripping them open myself to eat the candy! Lol